Anastasia Suvorova(俄羅斯)

Anastasia Suvorova(俄羅斯)
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Anastasia Suvorova, Since early childhood, Anastasia has been drawing, dreaming and inventing stories. She is very fond of reading and travelling, as well as plants and flowers. Now, she tries to learn about shape and colour, lightness and movement from nature. Anastasia makes illustrations for books, magazines and games. Books are her greatest love because they are doors that open up new magical and wonderful worlds. She creates most of her illustrations in digital art, trying to bring the feeling and warmth of traditional materials into them.


標 題 :Glass connections

創作年份 :2022

創作媒材 :Procreate

作品理念 :This is a series of three works about the contact, reflection and the fragility of the relationship between cities and nature. The artworks represent a bird, a house and a man. They are different,but they are mirrored in each other and in nature.

Anastasia Suvorova(俄羅斯)

The birds in the artwork are a metaphor of living nature. Humans and nature are inextricably bound together and influence one another. For now, they are enclosed and separated by glass and concrete. It is in human hands to connect cities and nature, to keep green areas in the city, to give refuge to animals and birds, to make cities greener and cleaner. It is also about our future and our legacy for the next generation.

Anastasia Suvorova(俄羅斯)


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